Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Family of Teleka Patrick Could Discover Body's Identity Today after Autopsy

Saints of God, this is an update regarding the missing woman and alleged stalker of Pastor Marvin Sapp. Teleka Patrick's family could discover if the body found hers as early as today.   The missing doctor allegedly stalked gospel singer and Pastor Marvin Sapp and he revealed over 400 pages to prove it.  Now, after the autopsy, investigators must figure out who murdered her, if it was a homicide.  

Autopsy on body found in Indiana underway, Teleka Patrick's family could learn body's identity today

By Heather Catallo

Porter, IN - The family of a missing Michigan doctor could learn as early as this afternoon whether a body that was found in Porter, Indiana is that of Dr. Teleka Patrick, according to the family’s Private Investigator.

The 7 Action News Investigators have learned that an autopsy got underway a...Read full article, here.

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