Saturday, April 12, 2014

Joel Osteen explains the reason Millennials are Becoming Less Religious

We are so tired of Joel Osteen talking out of two sides of his mouth. Now, he wants to point the finger at millennials and explain why they are becoming less religious?  Really?  Like a lot of churches, he has a globe instead of the cross.   He can't be straight forward on the issue of sin like homosexuality.  Now, he allegedly says people of this era are distracted because they're less religious?   What nerve?  Joel Osteen is less religious than his late father, his preaching is so modern you can't even feel a drop of the anointing.

Joel Osteen says Millennials are ‘Distracted’, and that is Why They are Becoming Less Religious

It is no secret that millennials are becoming less religious than previous generations. Joel Osteen says one reason may be the many distractions the younger generation seems to face.

The recently released “State of the Bible” survey shows that antagonism...Read full article, here.

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Photo: Fox News

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