Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Omarosa and Mary Mary’s Sister Debate Whether Christians Should Do Reality TV Shows

Finally, we get two black women debating about something very important.   The sister of Mary Mary, Goo Goo and Omarosa debate whether or not Christians should be on Reality TV shows.  However, we hope this is not just another heated debate that won't turn things around.  How many times have we heard people like Rev. Al Sharpton argue over racial issues?  It changed nothing.  Therefore, the only answer is for Christians to be completely holy and if they choose to do so, they won't desire to be on a Reality TV show.

Omarosa and Mary Mary’s Sister and Stylist Goo Goo Debate Whether Christians Should Do Reality TV Shows

It’s no secret, secular folk aren’t the only ones ‘winning’ in the reality TV game. With the help of shows like ‘Preachers of LA‘ and ‘The Sisterhood’ and ‘The Sheards’, Christians seem to be carving out their own lane with non-scripted TV.

Media partner recently chatted with...Read full article, here.

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