Monday, April 7, 2014

Police Believe Body Found Floating in Lake Could Be Pastor Sapp's Stalker, Teleka Patrick

It seems like the case of the missing doctor, Teleka Patrick could be closed, that is, if the floating body in Indiana Lake is hers.   However, if it is Patrick's body, police will have to rule if it is a homicide or suicide.   Of course, if it ruled a homicide, we wonder who killed her?  If it is a suicide, we wonder was she so depressed, after Pastor Sapp allegedly, angrily blasted her in front of his congregation, she could no longer live with herself?  Whatever the case maybe, if it is Teleka Patrick's body, may she rest in peace and we are praying for her family.

Police Believe Body Found Floating in Indiana Lake Is that of Missing Michigan Doctor Teleka Patrick

Police are investigating a possible link between a body recovered today in a town park in Indiana and a Michigan doctor who mysteriously vanished last December.

The body was spotted by a fisherman who reported to police that he had spotted something suspicious floating in...Read full article, here.

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