Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Richmond Outreach Center Has a New Pastor after Pastor Geronimo Aguilar's Indictment

Although, it may seem like it's a victory for some at the Richmond Outreach Center, it is still very sad to others that there is a new pastor. The new Senior pastor is Joe Donahue and his wife Kristy.  Now, although Pastor Donahue is the new pastor, we must hold Pastor G up in prayer.  Many pastors and preachers of God's Word make mistakes, commit past sins and Satan gets joy when one falls and cannot proceed with their ministry. Pastor Geronimo Aguilar founded Richmond Outreach Center, so his name must never be forgotten, regardless of the allegations.  God can still renew him, after he has repented and totally surrendered to God.

Source and Photo: blackchristiannews.com

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