Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Second Autopsy Performed on Pastor Marvin Sapp's late stalker, Teleka Patrick

Saints of God, this is an update, regarding the death of Pastor Marvin Sapp's late stalker, Teleka Patrick.  There was a second autopsy which included the same results, Teleka Patrick could have fallen into the lake.  Of course, we sense she possibly could have taken an overdose, which explains why she sounded drowsy when speaking with a family member, allegedly.  Then, the next step was to dive into the lake an take her own life, in our opinion.  If it was suicide, no doubt she could have been hurt because Pastor Marvin Sapp allegedly told her off in front of his congregation and embarrassed her, so she may not have wanted to live with herself any longer.  Hopefully, may God rest her soul. 

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Second autopsy performed on Teleka Patrick

Jon Mills, WZZM 

MARION COUNTY, Indiana (WZZM) -- The private investigator hired by the family of Teleka Patrick says he was present Friday as a second autopsy was conducted on the body of the deceased doctor.

The two-hour procedure was performed in Marion County, Indiana by a forensic pathologist. Private investigator Jim Carlin of Battle Creek says the...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: wzzm13.com


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