Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snake-handling pastor arrested on narcotics charges

Here we go again, a snake handling pastor has been arrested, except this time for drugs.  Now, if there was any anointing with snakes in ministry, then why was this pastor caught dealing drugs. Short has been seen on the popular reality series, "Snake Man on Appalachia".  According to, Short sold a quantity of around 20 pills of Oxycodone and Percocet to a confidential informant.

Since these preachers have been doing reality shows, we wonder was short so greedy for money, he dealt drugs? We pray Verlin Short will not only stop handling snakes, but also stop selling drugs, God doesn't allow it in His Kingdom.

Snake-handling pastor arrested on narcotics charges

MAYKING, KY (WATE) - A popular snake-handling pastor in Kentucky is facing drug charges following his arrest Tuesday.

Verlin Short, 42 from the popular series on Animal Planet, "Snake Man of Appalachia" was arrested Tuesday for...Read full article, here.


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