Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tye Tribbett Named Youth and Young Adult Pastor at I. V. Hilliard’s New Light Christian Center

Did you see the title saints of God?  Really?  After making an alleged statement in support of homosexuality, Tye Tribbett is given the position as youth pastor?   We cannot believe what we are seeing, after we learned from our sister blog, RGA which we learned from one of our sources, about him saying homosexuality maybe natural.   

You know, Jesus is about to come back and we have no time to play church.   Now, we recall Bishop Hilliard allegedly not in support of Paula White taking over the late Dr. Zachary Tims Church, previously.  So, how can he allow Tye Tribbett to be the youth pastor of New Light?  It's a matter of morals and God is not pleased with his position.  Now, we hope and pray that Tribbett does not badly influence the youth there after making such a statement that homosexuality maybe natural.  We are afraid what is to come for New Light, if Tribbett remains in position as the youth pastor.  Such a rebellious soul in support of homosexuality, allegedly, is not called to pastor anyone.

For all of you other pastors and bishops, please be careful who you allow to be a part of the leadership in your ministry, especially if you know where their stance are on certain issues such as homosexuality.  This is why we have so many issues with pastors getting in trouble now, especially when it comes to young children.

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