Saturday, April 19, 2014

Watch The Full Documentary of Hell, which Allegedly Proves Bishop Carlton Pearson Wrong!!

If you are a part of the 'Gospel of Inclusion' or formed the movement, you should watch this following video.  This following video reveal that there are volcanoes and caves, doorways on earth to hell.   Saints of God, those of you who are true righteous believers, it's time to separate from those who are compromising with sin.

It is time to no longer affiliate with those whom are not living holy lives and preaching holiness.   It is time to no longer admire famous preachers like Bishop Carlton Pearson who are allegedly teaching false doctrine against God's Word.  God's Word reveals each and every last one of us will face eternal hell, if we do not commit to His will and His way.  Those of us who think we can live our own way without peace, love and unity will face a second life with the Devil and his demons and never escape.

This following video reveals that actual revelations of hell were not included in the Bible, it was banned centuries ago.  Although, the Holy Bible mentions hell, it does not reveal the actual occurrences of torture, early Christian writings.

We just want everyone to know we love Bishop Carlton Pearson and we are not against him, but we are against Satan who we feel is allegedly using him to fool people into his eternal place of torment, hell.  God bless you SCR readers.

Watch Video

Source and Photo: History Channel

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