Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Say No, Pastor Marvin Sapp Should not Make Peace With Teleka Patrick's Family

Saints of God, after reading the letter below that confirms Pastor Marvin Sapp, was harassed and stalked by his late stalker, Teleka Patrick, we don't feel he needs to prove anything.  Often times, when Satan brings people to distract us from our mission, we hate to be blunt, but God does allow things to come upon them, simply because we are children of the most high.  Pastor Marvin Sapp went through losing his wife, then Satan brings this late stalker to make him look like he's responsible, we say no, he does not owe the Patrick family anything.  He has nothing to do with his late stalker's death, therefore, it's time he moves on and has some peace in his life, after grieving the loss of his wife not too long ago.  In our opinion, the parents and relatives of Sapp's late stalker should have got her some therapy and make sure she had psychiatric treatment, because the video of her serving an invisible person is very insane.  In conclusion, Satan is very real and he plots against God's chosen vessels and laughs the more he thinks they look guilty to others.

Gospel singer urged to make peace with family of Kalamazoo doctor found dead

A Maryland-based religious activist group is asking gospel singer Marvin Sapp to “prove his Christianity” by making peace with Dr. Teleka Patrick’s family and holding a vigil Saturday in her memory.

The Pray at the Pump Movement is also making a broad appeal for churches in Michigan and...Read full article, here.

Pastor Marvin Sapp's Photo: Marvin Sapp / Palace Sports & Entertainment

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