Friday, April 25, 2014

What Was It like to See Bishop Eddie Long Dedicating New Birth in Oakland?

Almost 2 months ago, Bishop Eddie Long dedicated one of his churches led by Bishop Carl Smith in Oakland, California.  We wonder what was it like to actually see Bishop Eddie Long in Oakland California.  Now that New Birth Oakland seems to be attracting a lot of followers already, we wonder if it will be powerful to distract the crime there.   One of the things we thought about is, it would be amazing if Bishop Carl Smith taught his members how to take power over the city, so they can become govern officials and greatly impact the city?   Therefore, if God is indeed making a mark through New Birth there, this could happen.   However, in Atlanta where the headquarters is, crime is still on the rise, but in both cities, it could change if Bishop, Apostle Long and Bishop Carl Smith's church members make a huge positive impact.

In the meantime, we will keep New Birth Oakland and also in Atlanta in our prayers.

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