Thursday, April 10, 2014

Woman almost scammed by a man pretending to be Bishop T. D. Jakes on Facebook

This sister in Christ was scammed by a con artist from Africa pretending to be Bishop T. D. Jakes.  You know, we really wish there was another popular site the way Myspace used to be, because we never heard of so many crooks pretending to be preachers getting money, until we learned about Facebook.  We could be wrong and they probably did it with Myspace to, but there we too have been sent messages from various accounts asking us for money and the following preachers were: Prophet Brian Carn, Joel Osteen, Gloria Osteen and a few others.  Therefore, this is a big issue.

Facebook is a good way for people to connect, but it seems to be too many crooks trying to scam people and fool them as though they are actual preachers of mega ministries.  Furthermore, we sincerely hope Bishop T. D. Jakes and others unite to contact Facebook to make it more harder for this type of situation to occur.

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