Sunday, May 11, 2014

African Guy Answers Cell Phone While Getting Demons Cast out and Makes Pastor Angry

Now we don't know who the name of this pastor or his church, but whoever he is, he got very angry when this African guy.  Why?  Simply because he answered his cell phone while getting demons cast out.  Now, it did not make sense to us for this guy to answer his cell phone, he should have already had it cut off or just not even brought it to church, especially if he was serious about being delivered and set free.  The pastor was not wrong for getting upset, because when you are serious about delivering souls from Satan's control, you don't won't any interruptions.  Any man or woman of God knows you don't allow anything or anyone to stop the flow of the anointing, so we agree this man should have been dismissed from the altar.

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This Guy Was Getting a Demon Cast Out - You Won't Believe What Interrupted Him! (VIDEO)


This pastor in Africa is proclaiming the power to cast out demons in the name of Jesus when he brings up a fellow in green. He places his hand on the congregant's head and prays to cast out "any demon tormenting his life."

The man starts to wail and spin, and then falls to the ground. But as the spiritual battle reaches a turning point with slaps and...Read full article, here. 

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