Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bishop T. D. Jakes Talks about his early years of following Jesus Christ on the Arsenio Hall show

It's very humble beginnings where Bishop T. D. Jakes came from.  He talks about how he started out in the ministry, very afraid when preaching a sermon out of the book of Ezekiel about the dry bones in the valley.  Bishop Jakes also makes talks about the financial struggles and even shows the small house he lived in, barely able to afford all of the utilities on at once.  If you watch this interview with Arsenio Hall, we all will be able to identify with Bishop Jakes better, because of his personal struggles of the past.

Watch Video

T. D. Jakes Explains How He Found God, His Role With Obama, His Struggles and More on “The Arsenio Hall Show”
Bishop T.D. Jakes explains how he found God, why his congregation reacts so strongly, and what his role with...Read full article, here.

Photo: Arsenio Hall 

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