Monday, May 26, 2014

B.Slade ‘Tonex’ Featured In New PBS Film Dealing With Gospel Music & Gays in the Black Church

To be real with you dear readers, when the black church is not kind toward gays and lesbians, they turn them much worst-into what they are trying to come out of.  It's not just the black church, it's also those who you may have known to live the life like yourself who turn around and act as though they were never gay.  We assume it could be a multiple issues that caused the great gospel star, B.Slade aka Tonex to be who he is today.  We have a heart for him, because we know how difficult it can be to try and come out of homosexuality, but when it seems as though everyone has turned against you, you seem like you're all by yourself.    

Saints of God, B.Slade, Tonex is not the only person who has felt lost in the black church, after coming out of the closet as a gay man.  There are many others who has felt God never loved them, because of being mistreated by those who look like you, those you used to share the life with and even those who worshiped with you in the black church.  

Yes, we always remind you of what the scripture says, but sometimes, we must look into the scope of things when it comes to special people like Tonex, B.Slade. 

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Brian Slade ‘Tonex’ Featured In New PBS Film Dealing With Gospel Music & Gospel Gays

PBS is releasing a documentary in a few weeks that addresses the issues of Homosexuality in the Black Church. The film Independent Lens New Black Faith is set to premier on June 15th and will chronicle...Read full article, here.

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