Monday, May 19, 2014

Celebrity News: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith says opinion about Gay Kiss Should Not Get You Fined and Suspended, Says ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

ESPN host, Stephen Smith says it's wrong to fine an NFL player just for his opinion about Michael Sam's kiss.  Yes, we certainly agree, it seems as though our rights as Christians such as Freedom of Religion is being taken away, but also Freedom of Speech.   We will say it again, what we are experiencing in this eras with gay issues is clearly slavery.  Many civil rights leaders who are ministers cannot even see through a spiritual eye, they are so busy putting race with sexuality.  Everything is so twisted, racial issues is being used to defend day issues and at the same time, Christians and those who don't agree with homosexuality are being forced to remain silent, that's slavery and not fair.

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Reacting to Gay Kiss During NFL Draft Should Not Get You Fined and Suspended, Says ESPN's Stephen A. Smith

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter

Stephen A. Smith criticized the Miami Dolphins for suspending safety Don Jones after tweeting "omg" and "horrible" following Michael Sam's public displays of affection with...Read full article, here.


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