Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrity News: Fired NBA Coach, Pastor Mark Jackson Denies Pushing Christianity on People

In this Christian walk, we never know when the enemy is going to act up and take our positions, for no reason. Former NBA coach, Pastor Mark Jackson allegedly says he never forced his christian beliefs on anyone and we believe him.  For this very reason, just because we are children of God, Satan does not want us to be happy and he doesn't want us to be in powerful positions in this world. 

According to, Jackson, who is believed to have been fired due to his contentious relationships with owner Joe Lacob, added that he had tried to make his Christianity evident through his actions, and not by preaching to his players, some of whom share his faith. 

In the meantime, we pray for Mark Jackson to eventually be the owner of his own NBA team.  May God bless and keep him.

Fired NBA Coach, Pastor on Whether Faith Played a Role in Warriors Dismissal: I Never Went Around Beating People in the Head With a Bible

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter
Responding to a suggestion that his Christian convictions may have contributed to his firing as head coach from the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson said this week that if that had been one of the owner's concerns, it...Read full article, here.

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