Sunday, May 11, 2014

Celebrity News: Justin Bieber Talks Jesus and Forgiveness on Christian Rapper's Video

Praise God, it touches our heart to see this young man talk about Jesus Christ. Do you know how much negative press, Justin Bieber has gotten, because of his human flaws?  These are the type of people God wants to use of all ages. Those who are in and out of jail, have been known to be rebel and an outcast within society.  Bieber is finally humbling himself to submit to Christ and this makes God very happy, not only that, his mother, Patti Mallete who is a woman of God must be glad right now. 

Although, we don't agree with Christian Rap, we see God using Bieber in this video.  Therefore, he and the Christian rapper have a lot to learn about being holy, but we get the concept.

Justin Bieber Talks Jesus and Forgiveness In Video by Christian Rapper, Brandon Burke

Justin Bieber talks Jesus and forgiveness in a new rap video called “The Pledge.”

The singer appears in a video by Christian rapper Brandon Burke, whose mission is to get a million people to...Read full article, here.

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