Thursday, May 29, 2014

Celebrity News: Steve Ballmer agrees to buy LA Clippers for record $2 billion

Well, here is the news we've all been waiting for, the former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer has agreed to buy the LA Clippers for $2 billion.  We must say, it will be very interesting to hear what Donald Sterling has say now, especially since he allegedly is trying to sue the NBA.  However, we know the team players of the LA Clippers are happy right now and that's the main thing.

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Ballmer agrees to buy Clippers for record $2 billion

By Brian Todd and Steve Almasy, CNN

(CNN) -- Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has signed a binding agreement to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion from the Sterling family trust, a source familiar with the situation told CNN on Thursday night.

The sale, negotiated by Shelly Sterling -- co-owner with estranged...Read full article, here.

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