Friday, May 30, 2014

Christian Family Found Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide In California Home

Some of you may wonder how this Christian family could be found dead because of a murder-suicide?  It's very sad, but the truth must be told, there are so many Christians today who realize how powerless everything is within the church world and they want out.  Just look at some of the pastors committing suicide, lately. 

It seems like our brothers and sisters in Christ can never govern America, because some of them are afraid to do so.  The law in favor of same-sex marriage is a moral issue, which puts  the future of our kids in jeopardy.   Too many Christians are accepting immoral behavior and bringing into the church...and the list of problems go on and on. How much more could this family deal with?  However, it could have been a family issue that involved either parent being diagnosed with a deadly disease.  Possibly, they were in such a financial dilemma, someone just wanted to put an end to misery.  Whatever the reason this family is gone and too bad, they could not be strong enough to deal with life struggles.

“The Perfect Christian Family” Found Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide In California Home

The discovery of four bodies inside a home in what sheriff’s deputies suspect was a murder-suicide jolted a quiet, palm-lined neighborhood in Mission Viejo on Tuesday morning.

Deputies found the bodies of two males and two females after they were called by a relative to the taupe-colored...Read full article, here.

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