Monday, May 26, 2014

Former Devil Worshiper Gave Her Life to Jesus Christ

This woman of God, Alice Cloud tells all about her previous life as a Devil Worshiper.  She grew up in the church, but because of troubles in the family, she did not believe in God at first.   Although, she heard the preacher preach hell messages growing up, she turned very bitter watching her Dad physically abuse her Mom.  She didn't care about going to hell, because her atmosphere made her very bitter.  Then, one day she fell asleep and went to hell and watch her admit what it was like; not only that, she describes what a certain red demon with horns, 10-12 feet high and he describes what he looked like.  Although, she described being in a dream, because this demon whipped her, her legs actually was hurting, which tells us she actually was in hell.

Watch Video

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