Friday, May 9, 2014

HGTV Cancels Benham Brothers Home Improvement Show, After Father Preached Against Homosexuality

David and Jason Benham are two of the most courageous men of God.  They lost their show, after their father allegedly preached against homosexuality.  Allegedly, David Benham spoke out against the gay agenda.  Jason allegedly stated that Christians are no longer allowed to have freedom to speak on pro family values and that HGTV possibly was pushed into them losing show.  Saints of God, we're living in a sad age.  Just what are we going to do about it, since children of our most High God are suppose to rule the land?

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HGTV Cancels Planned Home Improvement Show Hosted by Christian Brothers, David and Jason Benham, After Liberal Groups Attack Their Father for Preaching Against Homosexuality and Abortion

The Home & Garden Television (aka HGTV) network announced Wednesday it  has decided to pull the plug on an upcoming real estate reality show amid a firestorm of controversy from gay rights activists who accused the...Read full article, here.


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Photo: The Benham Brothers


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