Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hollywood News: Michael Jace Ex-wife allegedly says son was scared of him

Michael Jace ex-wife is allegedly speaking out about the Hollywood celebrity, she says their son was terrified to visit him.   We are not surprised, there is always more evidence that comes out later whenever there is murder.   It's so sad, this man was very successful in Hollywood, but you no, this is a clear sign that fame and fortune does not give you happiness.  If you began to idolize Hollywood, then don't be surprised what sort of demon will take you over, in this case it was a murdering demon.  Furthermore, it's very sad that Michael Jace's dead wife defended him during their divorce, according to

Michael Jace...Our Son Was Terrified of Him...Says Ex-Wife
by TMZ

Michael Jace was a horrible father who made his son cower in fear … lording over him with an “intimidation style of discipline” … this according to the boy's...Read full article, here.

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