Sunday, May 4, 2014

How Pennsylvania Killer, Joseph Lewis Miller, Evade Police for 33 Years

Saints of God, the truth is, God does forgive one for murder, but no one can go on in life and not confess to it.  If you've read our previous post, this is an update, regarding the killer, Joseph Lewis Miller's life after he allegedly took the lives of two people.  He not only changed his name, he lived his life like a freed citizen: married twice, buying real estate and changing it into a home, a board member, a church deacon.

According to, Miller had stolen away to Texas and lived there for 33 years, failing to answer felony charges stemming from the 1981 fatal shooting of Thomas Waller outside a Harrisburg hotel. Previously, Miller had pleaded guilty to the 1959 killing of John H. Lumpkins in Harrisburg, serving more than 11 years before the governor commuted his sentence.

The good thing about this case, Jesus Christ yet forgives Joseph Lewis Miller, even after he never admitted his sin of murder.  We sincerely pray he repents and totally surrenders his life to Christ.

How Did Pennsylvania Killer, Joseph Lewis Miller, Evade Police for 33 Years and Fool a Texas Church Into Letting him Serve as a Deacon?

At long last, Joseph Lewis Miller’s double life, carefully constructed over decades here, was beginning to unravel. Just not in the manner one might expect.

The fraying ends in Miller’s meticulously manufactured existence as a church deacon had nothing to do with his status as a fugitive fleeing a...Read full article, here.

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