Saturday, May 3, 2014

Husband and Wife Survives Plane Crash, Experiences Angels in Near Death Experience

The Wallace's tell how they both survived a plane crash.  Ranelle and Terry amazingly were able to bring a child into the world, after surviving that plane crash.  Ranelle testifies about how she saw an angel rescue here and there were other angels who spoke to her.  After making it to a highway, she collapsed and saw paramedics working on her body.  She was able to instantly feel peace and saw her grandmother in heaven.  Her grandmother died 2 years prior, but she was alive in heaven and saw an angel, which was an image of her unborn son, Nathaniel telling her to live and so, Ranelle came back to life.  

Saints of God, never believe preachers like Ron Carpenter who allegedly claim there is no such a thing as people seeing angels.  There is another world and angels are very real, because God and His Son, Jesus Christ is real.

Watch Video

Photo: Catholic NDE 

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