Friday, May 2, 2014

Mars Hill Pastor Abruptly Leaves Church and Moves Out of State

Often times, pastors endure a lot of emotional stress when it comes to leadership and it takes a lot of prayer.   This former pastor of Mars Hill Church, Mike Wilkerson decided to leave after so much controversy, regarding the ministry.  However, we are not aware exactly why Wilkerson is moving out of state.  All we know is God possibly is giving him the idea to do so.  

According to, Wilkerson has been at Mars Hill since 2000 and joined staff in 2004. His focus was on leading biblical counseling and Redemption Groups, which he helped develop. 

In the meantime, we will continue to keep Pastor Mike Wilkerson in our prayers.

Mars Hill Pastor, Mike Wilkerson, Abruptly Leaves Church and Moves Out of State

With so much controversy surrounding Mars Hill Senior Pastor Mark Driscoll in recent months, it may not surprise some that one of its pastors is suddenly leaving.

Members recently learned of the abrupt departure of Mike Wilkerson...Read full article, here.

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