Friday, May 9, 2014

Murdered Christian Author Kerry K. D. Hardy's Vigil Cancelled by Family

We know this Christian author, Kerry K. D. Hardy is in a better place.  He changed his life around after spending time in prison for his activity in the drug trade.  How many ex drug dealers who claim to be Christians have given such a testimony?  Not many to our knowledge.  Young people who were inspired by Kerry Hardy's testimony are missing him and have great and positive things to say about his memory.  May Kerry K. D. Hardy rest in peace and we are praying for his family.  

If you know who killed this intelligent, Christian author and man of God, please call Birmingham police @ 205-254-7777.  God bless you.

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WVTM-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Birmingham, AL


Kerry Hardy, Who Was Found Murdered In Alabama Cancelled by Family

A planned vigil in Birmingham Friday night for a slain motivational speaker and Christian author has been cancelled, according to a news release from his family.

Kerry Delano Hardy, 46, was shot and killed on Birmingham’s west side the night of May 2. Hardy had served nearly...Read full article, here. 

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