Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pastor Frank E. Ray, Allegedly Files Restraining Order Against Woman Who Claims Proposed Marriage

Although, Pastor Frank E. Ray has allegedly filed a restraining order against a woman who thinks he's supposed to marry her, we do not put it past him.  Because of previous issues with his wife and another woman in the church, allegedly, we think he could have brought this situation on himself.  Now, we do not know if there was an actual relationship with this woman, but-for some reason she thought Pastor Ray was in love with her.  Of course, it could be insanity, but it could be for real and he just does not want anyone to know he was involved with this woman.

Furthermore, sometimes when you bring that player-pimp mentality into ministry, no telling what types of people you may attract and this could be Pastor Frank E. Ray's problem.  We'll keep him in our prayers.

 Memphis Pastor, Frank E. Ray, Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against Woman Who Brought Wedding Dress to Church Claiming that she Was Going to Marry the Pastor

Frank E. Ray, the pastor of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, has reportedly filed a restraining order against Trenece Beal, a church member who claims that God told her that she and Pastor Ray were to get married. A report on the matter was first made by local Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews on...Read full article, here.


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