Wednesday, May 14, 2014

R&B Singer "Tank" Says COGIC Minister Sent Him Nasty Photos

This photo is so nasty, we had to cut it off,  the actual photo reveals the tip of this COGIC's privates.   Allegedly, TheBookOf_COGIC93 sent this photo to the R&B singer, "Tank".  We want you to know that God is revealing for COGIC to shut down, for there are too many demon possessed preachers coming out of the closet with their lustful ways.  Too many children are being molested and too many in the closet ministers are revealing homosexuality while preaching against it.

According to, Tank apologized to his fans for this COGIC preacher's nasty photos.  Isn't it a shame that there seems to be more people out in the secular world who have morals than the church these days?

If the late Bishop Mason was alive, he would be very unhappy and probably kick many of these preachers out of the Church of God in Christ. Therefore, we would like the head bishops of COGIC to meet in private and seek God and preach against lust among clergy members, at every service and call an altar call.  If not, then it means that there are hardly any more anointed men of God in the denomination and it must come to a close, for good.

R&B Singer, Tank, Says COGIC Pastor Sent Him a Picture of His Privates on Instagram

When a man of God who preaches the word sends another man a picture of his penis — this could almost make a person want to say the lord’s name in vain.

The “Maybe I Deserve” crooner, Tank, accepted a private message from a fan on Instagram — only to find out it...Read full article, here. 

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