Thursday, May 29, 2014

ROC Church Fires Pastor Joe Donahue After Just 7 Weeks on the Job

It's so obvious the ROC church misses there founding pastor, Geronimo Aguilar regardless of his past mistakes.   After 7 weeks, we can see them firing Pastor Joe Donohue, simply because they were able to know what type of pastor he would be.  Of course, he could never Pastor Aguilar and the truth is, he must have been a very good church leader. Sadly, unless the judge changes his mind, the board of directors and their members at the ROC Church may never be happy with any new pastor.

'Terminated:' Scandal-Scarred ROC Church Shocks New Pastor With Firing After Just 7 Weeks on the Job

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

Nearly a year after the Richmond Outreach Center megachurch in Virginia lost its founding pastor Geronimo Aguilar to an explosive alleged sex scandal, Joe Donahue, the man the church board brought in with much fanfare to replace him, has been fired after just seven weeks on the job.

In a statement posted on his website,, Donahue and his wife...Read full article, here.

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