Monday, May 5, 2014

Siberian Scientist actually recorded actual screams from hell

Saints of God, this scientist who has passed on now, recorded actual screams from hell. Some years ago, we actually heard of a group of scientists digging toward the bottom of the earth and heard actual voices screaming, no doubt in very hot lava.  Now, many of you may doubt this story, but it's very real.   

Many of you who are facing some very strange trials in life, now you can understand why, there are demons that actually control people who are not serving Christ.  These people become demonic robots and give Christians are hard time here on earth.  Hell is below the earth and around the clock, there are actual souls that once lived here with us, screaming to escape and they can't do it, they are there, eternally.

If you listen closely, you will hear what sounds like a swishing lake, this sounds like the lake of fire, the Bible talks about.

Listen to the screams from hell for yourself

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