Thursday, June 19, 2014

20 Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty for Molesting 5 Boys and Girls at California Christian School

Saints of God, if you can't keep your child safe at a christian 'Pentecostal' school, then where else...?  This 20-year-old molested 13 boys and girls and he even attended  the school himself.  People who know him are shocked about the charges, although he pleads not guilty.  It's time that the church world, black, white and every other race goes back to the alter, because our kids are in danger.  It's bad enough they get molested in public schools.   Come brothers and sisters, we have no more time for entertainment.  Hip hop gospel and Christian rock are not going to chase the demons away, we need an anointing within our church services where demons will be scared to stay, even on Christian school campuses.

El Monte Church Members Pray for ‘Justice’ as Child Molestation Investigation Continues

by Melissa Pamer

A church volunteer accused of molesting at least five boys and girls in an El Monte congregation where his arrest prompted prayers appeared in court in Pomona Thursday.

Johnny Beserra III, who pleaded not guilty last month to 13 felony counts and...Read full article, here.

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