Thursday, June 19, 2014

As Southern Baptist, Mainline Churches Lag, Assemblies of God Booms


One of the main reasons why we feel the Southern Baptist churches are struggling in the 21st century, is possibly because the top officials are not holding revivals for deliverance.  The Assemblies of God has always been a denomination that inspires their followers to be Spirit-filled and to accept morals and values. Revivals are yet popular within their denominations and many attend them.  We could be mistaken, because of course like in any denomination there are some leaders who are mingling with the new age movement, but there are others who are stressing righteousness.  The Southern Baptist on the other hand are involved in a lot of political issues, but not a lot of revivals across America and people who are really hungry for God may not follow them. Therefore, there are many souls who are eager to follow them, even the younger generation.

As Southern Baptist, Mainline Churches Lag, Assemblies of God Booms

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter
Last month, Southern Baptists reported its seventh straight year of declining numbers. Yet, even as the largest American Protestant denomination, along with...Read full article, here.

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