Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hollywood News: Angela Bassett Says Why Bobby Kristina Was Not Picked for Whitney Houston Movie

Although, we love Bobbi Kristina, we sort of agree with Angela Bassett, regarding her being chosen for her mother's life story on film.  However, white producers choose some inexperienced actors/actresses, if they are a famous person's child, but a lot of times, African Americans who have power are more strict when choosing their own kind.    

Bassett allegedly claims, because Bobbi Kristina has no experience, she did not even think of her being in the film.  Here's our take, Kristina is too young for her mother's part and possibly she could have been chosen to play herself as a teen and young adult as she is, today.  However, we would think if Bobbi Kristina was in the film about her mother's life, it would possibly be too emotionally painful.

Angela Bassett Explains Why Bobby Kristina Was Not Cast in The Whitney Houston Movie

by Lynne Haze

Lifetime seems to be one huge nest of controversy these days. In addition to receiving backlash over their forthcoming Aaliyah biopic, they’re also facing quite a bit of criticism regarding their film about the life of iconic singer Whitney Houston. The film’s director, Academy Award-nominated actress Angela Bassett, recently spoke to...Read full article, here.


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