Monday, June 2, 2014

Celebrity News: Donald Sterling's Mistress, V. Stiviano attacked, punched in face & called N-word

Now you see, like a lot of 'bi-racial' black Americans, V. Stiviano embraces both sides of her heritage, but as always, she is reminded she can't get away from being black.   She had an affair with Donald Sterling and evidently, she is being mistreated like the average black woman, because she admitted the truth, allegedly.   Furthermore, if you are in a relationship with a white man or woman, you must be very careful not to forget who you are, because after you take courage to leave the relationship, you may see the reality of racism revealed to you.

Attorney: V. Stiviano attacked, punched in face & called N-word 

Fox Sports

Alleged Donald Sterling mistress V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the controversy that appears to have cost the disgraced Clippers owner his franchise, was attacked and repeatedly punched in the face in New York City on Sunday evening...Read full article, here.

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