Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celebrity News: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Says we Need to ‘Vote this Ungodly Lot Out of Washington’

We certainly agree with Phil Robertson and really admire his boldness for Christ.  Robertson says in his own words, he desires for lost souls to Jesus Christ and we need to vote out the ungodly people out of Washington.   Phil Robertson is a great example of how a Christian should behave during this time of the homosexual agenda in our country.   

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Stands by the Truth of the Word of God on Homosexuality and says ‘I’m Trying to Help Those Ungodly Souls and Turn Them to Jesus’; We Need to ‘Vote this Ungodly Lot Out of Washington’

The Evangelical Christian reality TV star tells crowd at this weekend’s music festival in Cullen, Ala., to ‘get your tail down and vote and let’s vote this ungodly bunch out of Washington.’

“Ducky Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson again took aim over the weekend at some of his favorite targets...Read full article, here.

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