Sunday, June 15, 2014

Did Prophet Altha Maclin Plan Church Member's Ruth Thompson's Suicide?

We want to thank The Church Folk Revolution for revealing the truth about this false prophet, Altha Maclin.  This is the first time we have heard about her.  Allegedly, she drove one of her church members into committing suicide for life insurance, which she did not receive, thank God.   Yes indeed, this woman, Maclin is the female twin of Jim Jones.  How could she think God is using her, when there are tapes of her talking down to this dead woman who could still be alive today?    Furthermore, we want to forewarn you that is many holiness churches throughout history, there have been some false prophets who have behaved the same way as Altha Maclin, embarassing their church members in front of their congregations, which is mind control and it still occurs today.  This is one of the reasons why so many people refuse to attend church, because they are sick and tired of being humiliated by these false prophets who act out when they cannot control someone's life.  

It may seem comical, but if you noticed in the above photo (r.) of Altha Maclin, she's wearing really dark shades, similar to the late Rev. Jim Jones.  Ex-members allegedly claim many times, Jones wore dark shades because he was on drugs.

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Top 10 Worst Female Preachers #2 Prophet Altha Maclin: Death Preacher!

The only reason this woman is not #1 on our list is due to her limited reach – but at the same time, she is perhaps the most dangerous.

Back in December of 2013 we first came in contact with “Prophet” Altha Maclin when an ex-member of her church...Read full article, here.

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