Thursday, June 26, 2014

Did they Ever Find Out Why Benny Hinn's Employees Died of Heroine?

We know it's been over 10 years now since the deaths of these two men, but we could not find any updates, regarding their deaths.  Although, we know Benny Hinn is a true man of God, it concerns us what type of 'alleged' armor-bearers he allowed around him years ago.  We wondered since God has given Benny Hinn the gift to lay hands on people and prophecy, he had to have the gift of discernment about these men hooked on drugs.   Whether they wanted to be delivered or not, Benny Hinn could have been another statistic, because these men appear to have had connections with the underworld.  How could they have stayed under the power of God and overdose on heroine?  How could they assist such a powerful and anointed man and overdose on heroine?   After all these years, it's seems like it's been kept quiet about the heroine deaths of these men, God have mercy on their souls.

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