Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Former Christian Radio Host John Balyo Denied Bail and Now Faces Life in Prison

John Balyo, former Christian radio host of WCSG has admitted to raping a young boy, very sad.  Just two days ago he was arrested at a festival.   Tell us, how much power does the Christian community have if our spokesman are child molesters?  Also, how much longer must we deal with representatives for Christ messing around with children?  God is not going to put up with it and neither should we.   However as WCSG request, according to we will keep Balyo in our prayers, because God is able to deliver him and set him totally free.  Also, we pray for the young victim and his family.

Former Christian Radio Host John Balyo Confessed to Raping 12-Y-O Boy Says Prosecutor; Denied Bail and Now Faces Life in Prison

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

Former Michigan Christian radio host John Balyo, who was arrested while at the Big Ticket music festival last Friday, confessed to raping a 12-year-old boy, according to a Calhoun County prosecutor at his arraignment in court Monday...Read full article, here.



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