Monday, June 9, 2014

Gospel Artist, Wess Morgan's Ex-Wife Talks about His Adultery and Remarrying Another Woman

Gospel artist, Pastor Wess Morgan has been in the news lately, because he announced he has been remarried since January 2014.  Interim, his ex-wife Betsy has opened opened up on social media.  Allegedly, he hid his double life of sin from his wife and children.  Not only that, but according to this following snapshot, he also hid his adultery from his congregation.   In support of his ex-wife, Betsy, he cannot hide his dirt from God, it doesn't matter how pretty his voice is.   If Morgan does not repent to God and ask Betsy and his first set of children to forgive him, he will reap what he sows, mark our words.  As we've told you in the previous tragic case of the church shooting in Atlanta and then, the comedian, Tracy Morgan, judgement will come.  However, in the meantime we will pray for Wess Morgan and his new family, because he will need it.   Furthermore, we will keep Betsy Morgan (her two children with Wess) in our prayers, for God is with her and this is only a test for this woman of God.


Ex-Wife Calls Out Pastor and Christian Singer Wess Morgan on Social Media for Reportedly Being Unfaithful In Their Marriage, Divorcing, and Remarrying

Wess Morgan of “He Paid It All” fame, and ex-wife Betsy Morgan will not be best friends in life. Wess has had a life filled with struggle. Wess Morgan grew up...Read full article, here.

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