Saturday, June 28, 2014

Group Requests Raise $50K to Get Counseling for Devastated Wife of Christian DJ John Balyo

We feel very bad for John Balyo's wife, but it's a shame he drove his wife to depression.  In our opinion, people are not responsible for her emotional distress.   Although, it's very kind for this group to raise money for her to seek counseling, Balyo's charge of raping this young boy is something he is responsible for.  Although, we pray this campaign succeeds, there is a deeper issue and that is, there are many other wives who are going through the same thing.  Who is going to raise money for wives of other husbands who have molested young kids and left them in emotional distress?

A message for married husband's who are demon possessed with lust for children: 'Think about your wives and if you know you have a problem seek God and get counseling before you end up like Baylo.'   For you pastors and clergy members, 'Time and time again, we telling you Christian leaders to enforce going back to the alter and running revivals, but many of you won't take heed.  Do it and watch this problem decline, along with gay marriages and every other problem in the body of Christ.'

Fund Seeks to Raise $50K to Get Counseling for Devastated Wife of Christian DJ John Balyo Who Confessed to Raping 12-Y-O Boy

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

The devastated wife of former Michigan Christian radio host John Balyo, who confessed to raping a 12-year-old boy Monday after just seven weeks of marriage, may soon get counseling if a Youcaring fundraising campaign seeking to raise...Read full article, here.

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