Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hollywood News: Aretha Franklin Life Story May Be In the Works

In this era, Hollywood does not have good actors to play roles in biopic films, especially when it comes to matching the looks.  However, we must say if there is a life story of Aretha Franklin in the works, we hope they choose the right actress who can reach her notes.   

According to, the singer hasn’t confirmed who will play her, but she has a few front-runners that include singer Jennifer Hudson and Tony Award winner Audra McDonald. 

Although, we know Jennifer Hudson could reach her notes, we don't know if the film would be just as successful, because there is no resemblance.  However, we think she would be a better choice than Audra McDonald.

Aretha Franklin Lifetime Biopic May Be In the Works

It’s been quite a busy season for Lifetime. First the confirmed Whitney Houston biopic with Yaya DaCosta as lead, then the controversial Aaliyah biopic set to be played by Zendaya. And now, according to...Read full article, here.


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