Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memphis TV Talk Show Host, Thaddeus Matthews, Accuses Pastor Frank Ray of Raping Two Daughters of a Church Member

First and foremost, we want to say that Thaddeus Matthews is not lying about Pastor Frank E. Ray allegedly being accused of raping two daughters of a church member.   The woman is Trenece Beal who Pastor Ray allegedly accused of buying a wedding dress, claiming he promised to marry her.  Do you recall us giving you that article not too long ago?   Now, Pastor Ray is angry with talk show host, Thaddeus Matthews, because he has revealed the court document about him allegedly being accused of rape. 

Although, we disagree with Thaddeus Matthews foul language, we will have to side with him, because he is only letting everyone know Pastor Ray is possibly a wolf in sheep's clothing.   According to a previous article by, Pastor Frank Ray is the father of Beal's grandson.  The article gives the alleged details of how Ray raped both daughters, Lakesha and Erica Beal.   

We must ask you, if it is true, what was Pastor Ray doing in this woman's house to enter her daughter's room to impregnate her?  You see, a lot of you church women should not allow a pastor in your house, because you don't know what type of demon may be in them.

'Dear Lord, we pray that you give men and women of God a mind to be righteous and no longer sin.  Too many souls are being lost and too many people don't want to have anything to with the church, because of hypocrisy.'

 Watch Video, please excuse the language.

Memphis TV Talk Show Host, Thaddeus Matthews, Goes on Record (Visually and Audibly) Accusing Pastor Frank Ray of Raping Two Daughters of a Parishioner According to “Court Documents”; Calls Ray a ‘Devil From Hell’ — ‘I Have No Fear of You, Frank Ray’ (Warning: Extremely Foul Language – Children Should Not Watch Video)

A television talk show host from Memphis, Tennessee, by the name of Thaddeus Matthews, recently reported that he had been served a restraining order by Pastor Frank Ray over statements he made alleging that Pastor Ray raped two daughters of a church member. Matthews questioned why he was allowed to continue on...Read full article, here.


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