Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pastor Arrested for Murdering Man in California Maintains His Innocence

It should be obvious Pastor Robert Cox is innocent since he had to be treated at a hospital, along with the intern on their trip to Las Vegas.  The dead man who attacked them fell backward on a concrete ground and went into a coma, but Cox says he never through a punch.  Therefore, it is a well known fact that prosecutors always find a way to find an innocent defendant guilty of a crime they did not commit just to win their case.  On the following video, you will hear an interview with Pastor Robert Cox telling his side of the story and we believe him, not only that, we are praying for him and his wife.

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Pastor Arrested for Murdering Man While on Vegas Church Trip Speaks From Jailhouse: 'I Was Blindsided and Totally Shocked'

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

Robert Cox, a Manteca, California, youth pastor who was charged with the murder of a man while on a church trip in Las Vegas last year, maintained his innocence during a recent jailhouse interview as his church family continues to push to get him out of

Source and Photo: http://www.christianpost.com

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