Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pastor James Manning Speaks about Homosexuals Living Around His Church, ATLAH

On the following video, Pastor James Manning Speaks about homosexuals who reside around ATLAH church in Harlem, here's our take on it.   We want many of you Christians who have disliked Pastor Manning to come in harmony with him, especially those of you in the black church.  Here is why, simply because when you watch this following video, Pastor Manning reveals a homosexual male who allegedly refers to himself as a 'white homosexual demon'.  No offense, but if the gay and lesbian community want to use civil rights, why make a point to mention their color when they are white?  That is racist and this is why we cannot understand why some black gays stand with them, when there are some alleged white racists among them, it just doesn't make sense.  Another thing, some of you black gay affirming preachers need to be honest about racism some black gays face by some racist white gays or lesbians.  Just because some white gays have been discriminated against for their sexual preference, it doesn't mean some of them have not been racist.  When you here the comment we are referring by Manning's enemy, you will see what we are talking and it's been going for years, nobody says a thing.

Furthermore, Pastor Manning talks about how he has been excluded from being around some high profile people, because of his honest feelings about the gay agenda.   Pastor Manning has been banned from entering some public places and so on and so on...please watch the below video.

Watch Video

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