Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pastor Mase Ex-Church Member Opens up about Church: Rapper or Preacher or Pimp?

This young sister in Christ opens up about Pastor Mase church at the time when he and his wife were together.  Allegedly, she says they were draining people's pocketbooks, having church everyday, refusing to take anything less than $20.  She was living by faith and not able to receive any blessings back.  She purposely quite her job and didn't have money to buy groceries, so she would walk through the grocery store and claim groceries by faith and nothing happened.  For example, she would go fill out paperwork, saying that Jesus was going to pay for the car, although she did not have the finances in the natural. She did everything right, everything that was taught by Pastor Mase and his wife and she received nothing in return. 

 You see, God don't like ugly, no preacher's marriage can work out unless you treat the people you teach right.  This young woman was struggling and waiting on God. Mase Betha's wife ended up drinking and driving under the influence, allegedly and now they're divorce. 

Allegedly, we've heard of the same complaints with Bishop Eddie Long's church, which seem like the same structure taught at New Birth.  In conclusion, Pastor Mase church seem like it was mind control.

Rapper or Preacher or Pimp?


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