Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Preachers Of L.A. Season 2 Coming Out But This Picture Doesn't Look Right

As we've said before, if the Devil wants to reveal all the mess in the preacher's closet, then this show is meant to be.  For too many souls are being lost because of hypocrisy in some preacher's personal lives.   Take a minute and look at this above photo, does it look like the light of Jesus Christ is being revealed on the continence of these preachers?   Bishop McClendon looks either sleepy or high, Deitrick Haddon appears to have a proud look, the pastor in front of McClendon, Wayne Chaney looks like he's in a daze for some reason.  Jay Haizlip is not even looking in the camera and the other two, we'll leave it up to you.   It's just that if you are truly holy men of God, we ought to see everyone in harmony while starring straight in the camera and feel the light of Jesus Christ coming from it.


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