Sunday, June 15, 2014

Seattle Church Turns Former Strip Club Into Christian Community Center

We love it when churches turn places that used to be used by Satanic forces into facilities for God's Kingdom.  Bethany Community Church is turning a former strip club into a Christian Community Center.  Of course, many clubs of all sorts have been turned into churches, but we take it even a step further when we reach out to the community.  We pray many more churches began doing the same thing, along with with feeding the homeless and giving them a place to reside until they can afford their own place.

Bethany Community Church of Seattle to Turn Former Strip Club Into Christian Community Center

Formerly a strip club, a Seattle-area building that has been vacant for years will soon be redeemed when it becomes the new home of a church’s offices and community center.

The building that belonged to Sugar’s strip club in Shoreline, Washington, was once...Read full article, here.

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