Thursday, June 19, 2014

Should There Be any Skin Bleaching the Black Church, Body of Christ? Did it happen with Dr. Taketa Williams?


Now, we know this article was presented by William McCray over a year ago, but we must discuss this matter of skin bleaching in the black church.   We've not only noticed the difference of skin tone when looking at Dr. Lakita Williams, but also a few of before and after photos of some gospel artists like The Clark Sisters, for example.  Specifically, Taketa Williams is anointed and appointed by God, we cannot deny that fact, but we question if she is holding an example of being God's original woman, according to ObnoxiousTV.  Of course, there is always some sort of conflict in our spirits we need to work on and seek God about it.  Furthermore, it's a shame that even a light-skinned person such as McCrary even notices the change of possible cosmetic surgery and skin bleaching in Taketa Williams skin tone.  

The bottom line, black people have been through too many struggles with racism to yet dislike themselves in the 21st century.  Something is very wrong with a race of people who yet listens to the lies of Satan that tells them it's ugly to be black and in the black church, we should know better. 

Just watch this first video and then the second one and you will notice a change, but this woman of God can sure preach.  We'll pray for God to give her a mind to love who she really is, if she is guilty of changing herself.  Let's pray for this great woman of God.

Watch Video


Watch Video


Check Out Co-Pastor Taketa Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos Right NOW–Behold This New Creature That Her Doctor Made Her–Skin Bleaching, Nose Job, And More Makes Her Look Just Like Rapper Trina!!! 

Everything Is Going Down but The Word Of God… Now we all know and agree that sex sells and it seems that sex sells The Word as well. If you are fat, dark, and not so attractive then you may not excel as fast in the ministry at least Taketa Williams...Read full article, here.

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