Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bishop Harold Ivory Williams Sr. Remembered as a Great Man at Memorial Service

It's wonderful that the saints of God had a glorious time at Bishop Harold Ivory Williams memorial service.  At funerals, for many people it's a sad time, but when you've lived a saved and sanctified life, it's time to glorify God.  We know he's now in heaven with our Father, eternally.  May the late husband of gospel artist, Shirley Caesar rest in peace.

Bishop Harold Ivory Williams Sr. Remembered as “The Patriarch, The Preacher, The Pianist” at Memorial Service

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Hundreds gathered this evening to celebrate the life of Bishop Harold Ivory Williams, Sr. at the first of two days of services for the former Presiding Prelate and Senior Bishop Emeritus of the Mount Calvary Holy Church of America...Read full article, here. 

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